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economy in europe, and it's a failed model. it doesn't work. there's no way you can have a deficits we have and the debt we are incurring without sending out a signal to the world that this country is not going to be what it was in the past. .. we've got $493 billion out of the pentagon defense budget and were about to cut half a trillion, which brings it close to $950 billion. out of the 10 year budget. the signal that sends to the world is that the united dates is not going to be in a position to contribute to a more peaceful and stable world in the decade ahead. the mac thanks, afterwards, substance abuse and mental health administration. this week in her book, drink, the intimate relationship between women and alcohol. the former editor at large of canada's maclean's magazine examines what she calls the closing gender gap in the world of risky drinking. she argues heavy drinking is contributing to several health conditions and cancers and more women in the early draft for more than 20,000 a year in the u.s. alone. the program is about an hour. just goes so nice to be here. >> host:
apuzzo economy talked about our conversation. are those still going on? is there any kind of paranoia among some of the mosques in new york city? >> guest: they are still going on. one of the most creative things the n.y.p.d. did was they would send in formats into mosques. if you are investigating someone inside the mosque any synonym for a minute to keep tabs on them come you can only keep in your files with the person you are investigating set. but what the n.y.p.d. did with the crew created this investigatory were basically they said if a group of people are plotting terrorism and we can investigate them as a group, basically a way to investigate the terrorist. they actually applied it to at least a dozen mosques. now anybody who shows up at the mosque and the subject of the investigation. 100,000 people might set a place and st. peter's and collect license plates of everybody who shows up. they have secret recording devices. at the mosque is the enterprise, the terrorists and enterprise, than anybody who there is fair game. the stretch on for years and years. of course there's ne
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2